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"Meet Martine Lacroix"

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Hello, and welcome!

I’m Martine Lacroix, a hospitality consultant and NYC-based entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience. Now, I’m committed to empowering minorities and aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life to bridge the gap between their business aspirations and lifelong success.

Personalized Airbnb™ Consulting

When I started my hospitality business, I had just $20K and a dream. From 2010 to the onset of COVID-19, I generated over $5M on Airbnb. My Airbnb business model was so successful that I was almost sued for disrupting the entire hotel market in NYC. Through my consulting services, I share the secrets behind a successful Airbnb strategy.

Meet Martine Lacroix

An entrepreneur with a vision

Just one week before my birthday, I was fired.

It was August 2010, and I had just $20K in savings at the time. After discovering Airbnb, I decided to leverage the entrepreneurial know-how I had gained from starting a successful credit repair agency in 2002. I would once again start my own business.

After withdrawing my 401K savings, I leased and furnished two apartments on NYC’s Upper East Side. My investment quickly gained traction, over doubling in less than four months and grossing $300K the following year. I continued investing in properties and was almost sued by NYC for disrupting the hotel industry.

Now that COVID-19 has derailed my operations, I am inspired to help minorities achieve financial freedom and success as entrepreneurs through my consulting services.

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Let’s Redefine Your Hosting Business, Together

If you’re ready to start building a scalable, sustainable hosting business, I am here to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Connect with me today to get started!